Welcome to two new Regional Representatives

Welcome to two new Regional Representatives

Renee Chua is the new Regional Representative for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia and is based in Singapore. Email:

She is a member of Tapestry Playback Theatre (Singapore) since 2007, currently in charge of training for the members, and works as a drama educator, actress and director. Using her stage performer’s background and trainings, she applies actor’s training methodologies to work on the troupe’s artistry. Renee has used Playback Theatre to work in Singapore’s communities and taught in Cambodia and Cuba and is a graduate of the Centre of Playback Theatre (2013).

In the role of Regional Representative, Renee says that I hope I can bring about greater connectivity between the countries in the region via the platforms IPTN establishes. Through the platforms, I hope that the groups will be encouraged to exchange information, knowledge and support for one another in their Playback journey. 

Soline Daccache is the new Regional Representative for the Middle East and North Africa: Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine (West Bank & Gaza) and is based in Beirut.  Email:

A few years ago Arab countries were not on the map of PT around the world. Thanks to the support of Jonathan Fox we could open the Arab School of Playback Theatre that operates in the Middle East and North Africa. Nowadays there are seven PT groups in 3 Arab countries. As we live in a war zone with constant conflicts, the kind of Playback we do is very specific to our socio-cultural and socio-political contexts, and economic conditions. We hope as Arab practitioners to bring additional perspective on our region and concerns into this big and varied though familiar world of Playback Theatre. To contribute to this, I became the first APTT (Arab Accredited Playback Theatre Trainer) from the Middle East and I am currently a board member in the CPT (Centre for Playback Theatre).

In this role of regional representative, I hope that I can encourage you as Arab PT practitioners and groups to become members of the IPTN which creates for us an opportunity for further exchange, dialogue and contribution.