Welcome to Our New Website!

Dear IPTN Members,

The last couple of month we have been very busy working on our new website. And we are very happy to say: Here it is! The major difference of the new site is that now Practitioner members, Group members and Institutional members are able to comments on articles and exchange on our site. And we have a web-calendar, where Practitioner members, Group members and Institutional members are able to publish their playback theatre activities and events. So from now on you just have to check our website to find out what is going on in playback theatre world. So please check out our website and all the new possibilities as often as possible.

In Montreal some of our IPTN-Board members will leave the IPTN Board. Mountaine from North America and myself (Juergen from Germany) will finish our second term on the Board. Others like Eddie from Hong Kong have decided to step back after first term, and some, who are finishing their first term are still in their process to decide, if they stay available for a second term. We are happy to announce, that we found three great playback practitioners to join IPTN Board in Montreal: Nurit Shoshan from Israel, Brian Tasker from UK and Jori Pitkaenen from Finland. At the same time we are concerned, that future IPTN Board will not have a member from America. We really feel this part of the world should be represented on IPTN Board. So if you are playback practitioner from Central, South or North America, please consider if you like to support IPTN as Board Member! If you want to apply, please contact current secretary Kerry ( or current President Juergen (

As we are all looking forward to meet in Montreal, where we will celebrate 25 Years of IPTN and 40 years of Playback Theatre, it is already time to consider, where we will meet next time. Where could IPTN World Playback Theatre Conference 2019 take part? If you are member of a playback theatre company or a regional playback theatre network and you feel ready to organize a world gathering, please let us know!

Looking forward to get your feedback on new website and your ideas about next playback gathering!

Best wishes

Juergen Schoo

IPTN President