The Heroes Reborn in Our Everyday Stories

Inspirations by Bin Tu and Le Zhao

In the winter of 2013, we met Anna Chesner in Guangzhou and participated her workshop organized by Friends Playback, The Use of Myth, Legend and Metaphor in Playback Theatre. A new window was opened, and an appealing view is unfolding – for the first time we clearly see how deep and sophiscated Playback Theatre could possibly be, and how many resources from traditional literature we could draw to use. That trip is the starting point of quite a few journeys, including this one we are recording.

In the spring of 2015, we met Raffia Li, a lady who had been working on traditional and innovational shadow theatre, and later Evan Hastings, an American living in India, using shadow theatre, playback, and forum theatre to explore gender issues. Evan did a workshop with our company members for a night, and two days later, we did our first shadow playback performance with the theme of Shadow.

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Shadow Myth