Report on the German-speaking Network, PTN e.V.

German-speaking Network, PTN e.V., celebrates 10th Birthday with a Newsletter

Many will know that the German-language playback world is well-networked and that its connections reach far beyond its region. From small beginnings in Switzerland in the 1980s, to the annual regional gatherings which began in the 1990s – Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Vienna – strong bonds to the (then) School of PT in the US inspired practitioners to set up the German-speaking Schule für Playback Theater, in 2004. Then in 2005, a registered association was set up, to give the school its needed legal framework and provide a network for playback groups and practitioners in the region. The Playback-Theater-Netzwerk e.V. has since supported the growth and development of the school, provided continuity for the annual gatherings and was the organising body for the 2011 IPTN conference in Frankfurt.

To celebrate the 10th birthday of the PTN e.V. president Marlies Arping has masterminded a special newsletter issue (in German) paying tribute to the story and achievements of the PTN e.V. and its members, informing of current or recent projects around the regions and internationally, as well as notice of upcoming events and resources.  //

Playbackers everywhere will be interested in the reports of work being done – with refugees and asylum seekers (Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Switzerland), dementia (Austria and Switzerland) or life story work (Frankfurt  – transcultural), Kassel (schools).

Those reporting include:

Katharina Witte, Bremen, work with refugees since 2014 in Bremen).

Dorothea Erl and Ulrike Krogmann, workshops in Hamburg “Escape and Asylum”, “Flucht und Asyl“ with refugees. They have been awarded a prize of 10,000 Euros for their work.

Wolfgang Wendlandt works with playbackers from three groups on a “Theatre with Refugees” project (Playback Theater Berlin, the “Tumorists” playbacktheater prisma)

Ariane Ehinger, Playback Theater Berlin, reports on inviting young asylum seekers to participate in her group’s practice evenings, and also the group’s openness to international visitors.

Daniel Feldhendler is working on a project called “Mobility, Migration and Transcultural Biography”, spanning 2015 and 2016, in Frankfurt and in international networks.

In Switzerland, Josefine Krumm’s group, Playback Theater Gehdicht, performs regularly in the community, with her “touch base with someone” programme.

Contact Josefine for more information:

Fra Zeller’s group PT Bumerang performs in rest homes and with Alzheimers’ groups,

 In Vienna, Margarete Meixner has run a six-month school project (children and grandparents).

German-speaking playback theatre school (courses in summer):

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Janet Salas (translator)