Regional Representatives

IPTN regional representatives are volunteers who help connect Playback Theatre practitioners in their region with the larger international community. Their role is to help IPTN know the needs of their communities, to help people in their region understand what IPTN offers its members, and if desired, to support them to join.

Below are our current regional representatives. Please introduce yourself to your regional rep! Help them learn about your Playback work and wishes. Email them by clicking on the envelope icon beneath their name.

We welcome more regional representatives, including in areas already represented. Intrigued? Please contact

Tarryn Lee


Michael Pooley

Aotearoa New Zealand and Pacific Islands / Australia

Ana Fernández


Janet Zheng


Susana Gil


Polina Novikova


Dimitris Begioglou

Greece and Italy

Renee Chua

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Korea

Swarna Sabrina Francis

India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Soline Daccache

The Middle East and North Africa: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine (West Bank and Gaza)

Nike Brandt Poulsen

North-West Europe: Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden

José Ramos Marques