Playback Theatre Around The World, Diversity of Application – The Book

Playback Theatre Around The World, Diversity of Application was published to commemorate the 10th IPTN international conference held at Christ University in Bengaluru, India in December 2019 and the 44th year of Playback Theatre. Edited by Brian Tasker (editor of the IPTN Journal) and Baiju Gopal (Associate Professor at Christ University), It contains eleven diverse accounts of Playback Theatre practice from Brazil, Cuba, Israel, Ukraine and other counties. Now available to purchase on amazon.india and in both kindle and printed formats. If you encounter difficulties purchasing a copy, please contact Baiju Gopal on for assistance.

Fr. Biju, Baiju Gopal, Brian Tasker

In his review: Don Crites writes: “This is gold! Playback practitioners and participants from around the world have, for decades, experienced the magic of Playback Theatre and its ability to inspire, connect, and inform. Is it possible to quantify the effectiveness of PT to affect change within arenas as diverse as mental health, professional development, social reintegration, reconciliation, and restorative justice? Brian Tasker and Baiju Gopal have compiled a rich treasury of evidence-based articles which helps substantiate the fact that PT is a powerful tool, uniquely able to affect paradigm shifts, both internally and externally, foster empathy, empower, build trust, and generate solidarity. Like so many of the most effective interventions, it is difficult to produce measurable and observable results; something these scholarly accounts provide. Anyone who reads this is certain to feel inspired to freely explore the boundaries of possibilities within the context of Playback’s poetic expression, in a culture of play, which engages mind, body, and soul.”