Play of Our Lives – Playback Theatre Workshop in London

Date :2015 / 3 / 29
Location :London, UK

Share your stories and see them come to Life on the spot.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Playback theatre is a unique and amazing form of improvisational theatre that is centered around life stories.

Audience members tell life stories and the actors bring them to life on stage. Any story can be turned into theatre whether big or small, happy or sad.

It is a creative, invigorating, entertaining and moving collaboration between the performers and the audience that brings people together – as we are all our stories.
We believe that by sharing stories and seeing them turn into theatre we can find common ground, validate stories and people, come closer together as communities and individuals because every story is important and is worthy of a show.

By acting them out we find our creativity, build self-confidence, encourage active listening and we are able to see stories from other perspectives and angles.

In the workshop we will take real life stories and turn it into theatre on the spot using song, metaphor, comedy and many more creative tools. This is a great workshop for improvisers , actors , therapists and anyone who loves it when stories come out to play.


-Fun warm ups and improv games
-The Playback theatre ritual and forms
-Learn how to turn a story into a play and how to play with a story
-Music and singing in Playback
-Find common ground within an individual’s story
-Have fun.

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How Much?

Waged £35
Concessions £25

The class is limited to 14, please book in advance via this link

A little about the facilitators:

Victoria Howden

Victoria is an experienced Playback performer and improviser. She was an actress with one of the most well-known Playback theatre companies in the world Play-Life in Tel Aviv Israel and trained at the international school for Playback theatre. She is also a trained Psychodrama therapist.

Lest just say she’s heard her fair share of stories over the years. The first time she went to a Playback theatre performance she told a story and the way it was played back blew her away and changed her life and from that point she wanted to do the same for others. Playback brings us together, as we are all our stories. And what can be better that to see your story come to life, make you laugh and move you all over again.

Jane Beavis

Jane has trained and performed with 3 Playback theatre companies, beginning with Auckland Playback theatre in NZ, followed by Playback South in London and currently Plays of Our Lives. She loves the form of playback and sense of community it can bring to an audience. Jane has been a drama teacher for many years and teaches improvisation to teenagers in her local community. She has trained in improv with Hoopla and Imprology in London, as well as dabbling in psychodrama, dramatherapy and play therapy. Jane is passionate about playback, improvisation, and the creative arts therapies and she loves nothing more than to share these passions and have fun while doing it.