October 2014 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Playback Theatre – Education for Tomorrow: story-based method that combines Playback Theatre with Psychodrama, Action Methods, Theatre and Life Stories (by Daniel Feldhendler). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • President’s Letter (by Juergen Schoo). Page 3
  • Happy Anniversary: a Short History about German speaking Playback Theatre Network. Page 8
  • Experimental Young Actor Playback Theatre: Goals, Values, Risks, Stages of Development, Discoveries and Outcomes, from the first meeting to the first performance (by Anastasya Vorobyova). Page 9
  • The Incredible Misters Fox: My Story of Implementation of Playback Theatre Within the Drama Program at Sidwell Friends Middle School (by Timothy J.Reagan). Page 12
  • Playback Theatre with Young People in a Psychiatric Center (by Kathleen Olivier). Page 14
  • Learning to Live in My Head: Playback Theatre Possibilites with People in Early Recovery from Addiction (by Brian Tasker). Page 16
  • El teatro Playback en el  Encuentro internacional de teatros de transformación; Playback theater at the international meeting of theatre of transformation – (Ana Mª Fernández Espinosa). Page 17
  • Sexuality and eroticism: the “Forbidden” Spaces in Playback Theatre (by Assael Romanelli). Page 21
  • Musician’s Muse: why the musician should be a part of the ending ritual when the playback of the story has ended (by Tonia Pinheiro). Page 25
  • Playback Theatre Conductor Workshop: Structure, Progress, Supervision and Building a Playback Theatre Company on the Basis of Self Knowledge (by Bakó Tihamér). Page 26
  • The IPTN Board News. Page 30
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