October 2006 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Playback Theatre and Social Change: a work in progress (by Sarah Halley). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President´s Letter. Page 2
  • A Playback Innovation for Teens in a Psychiatric Hospital (by Liz Muckley). Page 5
  • People of Color Working in Playback: reports from the participants of a 3-day workshop. Page 6
  • Una conduzione sottile: indurre una consapevolezza collettiva (by Di Fred Harris). Page 8
  • Acting Unethical Stories (by Kayo Munakata). Page 11
  • Acting Unethical Stories in Japanese (by Kayo Munakata). Page 12
  • Epäeettisten tarinoiden näyttelemisestä (käännös: Minna Hokkanen). Page 13
  • Playback Theatre: An Ethical Challenge (by Brian Tasker). Page 14
  • Jonathan Fox: Polku kohti rehellisyyttä. Page 16
  • A Dialogue with Jonathan Fox in Tempe Arizona: the conversation which included embodied ethical issues in Playback (by Fe Day). Page 21
  • Making a Playback Theatre Training DVD or, Don’t Try This At Home (by Jo Salas). Page 23
  • A Chosen Journey to Playback: creating the diverse ability learning environments in Hong Kong (by Emily FUNG Wai Ying). Page 25
  • A personal Reflection: on being a member of a group comprised of different intellectual abilities (by Kate Ayers). Page 27
  • Playback Theatre: reflections as a member of Chosen Power (by Raymond Hui Wai Manas). Page 28
  • Any Chosen Moment at Summer School of Playback Theatre: a view as a support person of members of Chosen Power (by Michele Chung). Page 31
  • New Book on Playback Theatre: Playing the Other by Nick Rowe. Page 34
  • The Establishment of the Central European School of Playback Theatre. Page 34
  • Connecting to the Heart: A Personal Reflection about European Gathering in Summer 2005 (by Davina Holmes). Page 35
  • Riconciliazione al gathering di Playback in Asia. Page 37
  • Emergency Playback: Playback Theatre Gulf Coast Relief Initiative: bringing playback to a region suffering from a natural and social disaster. Page 41
  • The UK & Ireland Playback Theatre Gathering in October 2006 (report by Brian Tasker with Liz Harris, Sinead Moloney and Vivienne Soan). Page 42
  • IPTN : Financial Report for the Period 1993-2003. Page 43
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