November 1997 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Searching for Clarity (by Päivi Ketonen). Page 1
  • IPTN President’s Letter. Page 2
  • What the PT Companies Earn (by Päivi Ketonen). Page 4
  • How Much to Charge (by Martti Lindqvist). Page 7
  • The Growing of Playback Jack: Tip-Toeing in Me Blundstones (by Bruce Russell). Page 8
  • Respect and Gratitude With My Tears (by Yuko Shimamori). Page 9
  • Playing the Street (by Shurga Schrammel). Page 10
  • Uschi’s Story: Double Déjà-Vu (by Uschi Scharnhorst). Page 10
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