New Book: Playback Theatre Practice – Selected Articles

Zagryazhskaya, E and Zagryazhskaya, Z (Eds.), (2015). Playback theatre practice: selected articles. Vash

      Poligraphichelskiy Partner:  Moscow

PLAYBACK THEATRE PRACTICE: SELECTED ARTICLES is a new book about Playback Theatre recently published in English.

This book is a new collection of articles about Playback Theatre.  The book includes articles about applications of Playback Theatre in different spheres of life (business, society, education, psychotherapy and rehabilitation). The book discusses the main skills of Playback Theatre practitioners (conducting, acting, making music, performing) and proposes exercises to develop these skills. The articles are written by authors from 18 countries (USA, Great Britain, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, China, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Portugal), who share their experience of Playback Theatre practice. This book is for Playback Theatre practitioners and for anyone interested in Playback Theatre, its work and application!

The price for one book is 28 USD or 26 EURO or equivalent in the money of your own country (shipping is included in this price).

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Karin Bettina Gisler:

This book is a unique collection of articles from Playback Practitioners around the world. It holds their experiences as well as their thoughts about all aspects of this complex form of theatrical interaction. The reader will find practical tips as well as theoretical background. This book is valuable for the beginner as well as for the experienced playbacker. 

Jo Salas:

The new collection Playback Theatre Practice: Selected Articles is a very welcome addition to Playback Theatre resources. The editors, Elizaveta and Zoya Zagryazhskaya, have done a great job in gathering new writing from practitioners all over the world. As a contributor, I’m happy to find myself in the company of these good writers reporting on thoughtful and creative developments.