May 2003 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • The Wider World: Opening the Field to Political and Social Stories (by Jo Salas). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President’s Letter. Page 2
  • Die Welt Un Uns (by Jo Salas). Page 3
  • Conducting: Some Notes from a Traveling Woman (by Robin Weir). Page 5
  • Who is Your Neighbour? Playback Theatre and Community Development (by Mary Good). Page 6
  • Shared Leadership in Playback Groups: Developing a Politics of Cooperation (by Fred Harris). Page 8
  • The Empirical and Ephemeral: Learning, Healing, and Building Community through Playback Theatre (by Peter Wright). Page 10
  • Burundi Journal (by Jonathan Fox). Page 12
  • Playback Theatre in Cuba (by Deborah Scott). Page 14
  • Playback Theatre in Havana – Meetings and Imbalances (by Maria Elena Garavelli). Page 17
  • Playback in the Bookshop. Page 17
  • A Note from Hong Kong from a Community Theater Conference (by Mary Good). Page 17
  • Courage Under Fire: Stories from the Asia-Pacific Conference of Women in the Arts (by Michele Chung). Page 18
  • A Spanish Playback group in Montreal (by Alejandro Moran) . Page 19
  • Playback in the Forest (by Fe Day). Page 20
  • Playback theater in der Drogentherapie (von Shurga Schrammel). Page 20
  • Playback theatre in Drug Addiction Therapy (by Shurga Schrammel). Page 21
  • Playback Theater in Bulgarien (by Marianna Tobler). Page 22
  • Playback Did it Again: Playback Belfast’s performance at the British Psychodrama Association Conference (by Julia Howell). Page 24
  • A Sense of Identity: Playback Theatre Groups in Scotland (by Elinor Kirk). Page 24
  • The 8th International Playback Theater Conference: theme, venue, program. Page 25
  • News from the IPTN Board. Page 28
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