March 1996 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Playback Around the World. Page 2
  • IPTN President’s Letter. Page 2
  • Reaching for ‘Diversity’, ‘Inclusion’, ‘Multiculturalism’ in Playback Theatre (by John L. Johnson). Page 3
  • Embracing the Edge (by Kimberly Rattley). Page 5
  • Use of Playback with HIV+ African-American Gay Males (by Gregory J. Ford). Page 6
  • Playback Theatre Workshops at the Fourth Biennial North West Women’s Gathering (by Robyn Bett). Page 7
  • Seven White Women Playing it Back (by Jeannette Bessinger & Kate Hawley). Page 8
  • Playback’s Encounter with Encounter (by Marlene C. Cooper & Sally King). Page 8
  • New Mentoring Plan for PT Groups (by Jo Salas & Jeffrey Yates). Page 9
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