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From the Editors

From the Editors


The Performativity of Applause: Rethinking the Fourth Wall in Playback Theater
By Norbert Ross

Re-understanding the Telling and Performance of Story in Playback Theatre, from the Perspective of the Concept of Distance
 By Jimmy Wang

Teenage Playback Theater Beaver’s Boomerang Through the Prism of the Monomyth
 By Marija Bambulyaka and Ruslan Novikovs

The Playback Theatre Town Hall Experience: The value of Playback Theatre as an organizational strategic planning tool for creating sustainable change
By Kimberly Dailey, Hannah Fox and Pam Grace

Yes and Let’s Watch: Nurturing Playback Theatre with Improv and Vice versa
 By Ferran Luengo

Video Article

Vistonki – A Performative Journey During the War
By Andrew Utenkov and Marat Mairovich

Thought Pieces

Thoughts on the State of our Art
By Jonathan Fox

Meeting At the Crossroads: The Intersection of Playback Theatre and Restorative Justice
By Deborah Zavos

Working Through Social Conflicts in Playback Theater: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
By Deniza Glezina

Incongruent Empathy and the Playback Experience
By Christine Powers


Replicating Oppressive Behavioural Patterns in an International Playback Theatre Context and Group Dynamic: An Analysis
By Elsa Maurício Childs and Anna Smetanova


“So that what has not yet been told may be told…”
VI Iberian Playback Theater Meeting, Barcelona, ​​November, 2023
By Ana Fernández

(Re)building the Table: A South African perspective on creating equitable spaces and challenging dominant narratives at global gatherings
By Tarryn Lee, Cheraé Halley, Kathy Barolsky and Mammatli Thakhuli-Nzuza

IPTN Conference, South Africa, 2024: Rainbow Reflections
By Sheila Donio, Siphumeze Khundayi, Sarah Pritchard


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