June 2013 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Musician as Playback Actor – Exploring the Role and a New Method for Music in Playback Theatre (by Paul L. Gareau). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President’s Letter. Page 3
  • The Bird‘s Voice: Music in Playback Theatre (by Jo Salas). Page 5
  • A Practical Guide to Being a Playback Musician (by Ann Belmont). Page 6
  • Musician as Playback Actor (by Paul L. Gareau). Page 8
  • If From Your Voice Blooms the Song (by Juan Carlos Valladares). Page 10
  • From Jazz to Playback Theatre (by Mike Fedel). Page 11
  • Playing Music for Playback (by Karen Berger and Ernie Gruner). Page 13
  • Música y Diferencias Culturales … en el teatro espontàneo (by Mariana Occhiuzzi). Page 14
  • Music and Cultural Differences … in spontaneous theatre (by Mariana Occhiuzzi). Page 15
  • Overcoming Fear of the Music Table as an Actor (by Ani Nguyen). Page 17
  • Recognize My Music Table (by Paul L. Gareau). Page 18
  • Listening with the Body: Tapping Our Intuitive Awareness (by Erin Curren). Page 19
  • Songtalk: the Singer as Teller’s Actor (by Mary Elizabeth Wheeler). Page 20
  • Singing the Story (by Tonia Pinheiro). Page 22
  • A Marriage Made in Improv: Tips for Aspiring Musicians (by Patrick Seyler). Page 24
  • A Personal History — My Life in Playback (by Ann Belmont). Page 26
  • Reflections from a Playback Musician (by Karen Berger). Page 26
  • Demystifying Music Theory – for Improviser (by Mecca Antonia Burns).  Page 27
  • The challenge of the “Ninja actor” in PT: Typology and tools in service of the Ninja actor (by Assael Romanelli). Page 30
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