June 2009 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • 當一人一故事劇場遇見魚 李志強 (by Jester Lee). Page 1
  • When Playback Theatre Meets the Fish; a cultural perspective (by Jester Lee). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President´s Letter. Page 2
  • Cuando Playback se encuentra con los peces (by Jester Lee). Page 6
  • Quando o Playback Theatre Encontra os Peixes (by Jester Lee). Page 7
  • 移動的學習 高伃貞 (by Yu-Chen Kao). Page 8
  • Applying Playback Theatre in Social Work (by Agnes Law). Page 9
  • The Learning of Mobility; experience of learning Playback with a variety of teachers form different cultures (by Yu-Chen Kao). Page 10
  • 在亞太地區培養領導者 (by Bev Hosking). Page 11
  • School of Playback Theatre: Hong Kong Playback Theatre for Everyone (by Janet Tam). Page 12
  • 來自香港的故事──全民一人一故事劇場 (文:譚美卿). Page 13
  • Know No True Heart Theatre (by CECIL SU). Page 14
  • Nurturing Leadership in Asia Pacific (by Bev Hosking). Page 17
  • 「チーム・オーシャンズ タイランド遠征記」(by Kunihiko Hashimoto). Page 18
  • Team Ocean’s Thailand Expedition (by Kunihiko Hashimoto). Page 20
  • Playback Theatre or playback theater: Upper or Lower Case? (by Jo Salas). Page 21
  • 英文該大 寫或小寫 是一個爭 議性的問 題。(by Jo Salas). Page 22
  • Playback for Opera Students (by Morag Morrison). Page 23
  • Remembering Boal: tribute to Brazilian dramatist Augusto Pinto Boal (by Rea Dennis). Page 24
  • Special Feature: Eastern Europe Reports on Emerging Companies in Hungary, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania. Page 25
  • Book Review: Sacred Theatre by Ralph Yarrow (Reviewed by Rea Dennis). Page 34
  • An American in Germany – Gathering Voices for Playback Theatre (by Janet Salas). Page 35
  • IPTN Board News. Page 36
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