June 2008 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Opening Intercultural Spaces — Crossing Borders (by Rea Dennis). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President´s Letter. Page 2
  • Whose Story is it Anyway? Playing with Race and Identity in South Africa (by Paula Kingwill). Page 4
  • Afinal, de quem é esta historia? Encenando raças e identidades na África do Sul (by Paula Kingwill). Page 6
  • 說到底,這是誰的故事? ──在南非演繹種族與身份 (by Paula Kingwill). Page 8
  • Itan Taa Ti E Ni? Yiyiiri eya ati idanimo wo ni Orile South Africa. Page 11
  • SPD “Human Resource Development” Project and Playback Theatre in Lithuania (by Rasa Urbsiene). Page 13
  • Dialogue in Playback Training (by Bev Hosking). Page 14
  • A Specialist Approach to Conductor Training in Finland (by Päivi Ketonen). Page 16
  • Piccilo E’ Bello: Meta Playback Theatre (Italia) e SOG Theater (Austria) (by Elena Roncoroni). Page 20
  • Klein aber fein: Meta Playback Theatre (Italien) und SOG. Theater (Österreich) (by Elena Roncoroni). Page 21
  • Little is Beautiful: Meta Playback Theatre (Italy) & SOG Theater (Austria) (by Elena Roncoroni). Page 24
  • Traveling and Teaching in Thailand: Introducing playback in another culture (by Mountaine Mort Jonas). Page 26
  • Playing with Endless Potential – a personal view; potential of Playback for people with dementia (by Tanisha Jowsey). Page 26
  • An Audience Persepective (by Stig Seig). Page 30
  • Global Human Rights Performance (by Eric Brunner). Page 31
  • Report from the Emergency PT Europa Gathering (by Brian Tasker). Page 32
  • Playback Theatre e Chile (by Loreto Campusano). Page 33
  • Playback Theatre in Chile – a personal view (by Loreto Campusano). Page 35
  • International Recognition – Jonathan Fox (by Aviva Apel-Rosenthal). Page 40
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