June 2012 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • The Aesthetic Experience or What Happened to the Audience at the Sheba Medical Centre? (by Einat Mashaal-Nitzan). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • President’s Letter.  Page 3
  • ื”ื—ื•ื™ื” ื”ืืกืชื˜ื™ืช ื•ื”ืžืฆื‘ ื”ื ืคืฉื™ ืื• ืžื” ืงืจื” ืœืงื”ืœ ื‘ืžื—ืœืงืช ื”ืืฉืคื•ื– ืฉืœ ืชืœ ื”ืฉื•ืžืจ  Page 7
  • Around the World in 6 Days (events of World Playback Week in London by Claudia Vau & Veronica Needa). Page 10
  • The Tumorists are here: the Value of Storytelling and Improvisation for People Affected by Cancer (by Wolfgang Wendlandt). Page 13
  • The Arc of the Conference (Sarah Urech reflects some 6 months after 10th International Playback Theatre Conference). Page 17
  • Cuban Playback for the First Time in the Trip through Europe (by Susana Gil). Page 18
  • Over the Rainbow: Telling Queer Stories Workshop (by Jane Hoy and Arnet Donkin).  Page 20
  • Playback for Change: Facilitating Stakeholder Dialogues for Change in Organisations and Society (by Jan Platander). Page 22
  • How was the โ€spirit of playbackโ€ born in Hungary? Page 26
  • Book Review. Page 29
  • Remembering Dorothy Heathcote. Page 30
  • The World Connected โ€“ Modeling Harmony (Letter from Raphael Peter). Page 32
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