The Journal

We are excited about this opportunity to interact with you, and we cannot wait to hear from you. We are curious to hear about your practice, your experiments and innovations, and the wonderful experiences that you carry with you from the world of Playback Theatre.

As co-editors, our role will be to work with you so that the insights from your learning, your research and your reflective practice can be brought together for the benefit of the larger Playback Community.

Your offer could be a work of reflective writing, a blog, an academic study, a review of a book or a workshop, or photographs. Or something else! Please share your ideas, thoughts and questions with us so that we can discuss them with you and help you turn them into something to publish. If you already have, or are planning to write something that does not readily fit with the theme of that issue (if there is one), please feel free to share that with us too. We are already planning ahead for future editions of our journal 🙂

Excited and looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s write!

Radhika and Steve