January 2012 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Theatre in a Troubled World– The story of the Sri Lankan Theatre of Friendship Network (by Fr Benny, SJ). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President´s Letter. Page 3
  • The Story of the Sri Lankan Theatre of Friendship Network (by Cymbeline Buhler). Page 7
  • The Freedom Bus Project in Palestine (by Mountaine Jonas). Page 9
  • Jen Kristel in Bangladesh (by Jennie Kristel). Page 10
  • Female Factory Workers Tell Stories from their Daily Life (by Margarete Meixner). Page 13
  • Around the World in 6 Days, Part II (by Claudia Vau & Veronica Needa). Page 15
  • Playback for change, Part Two 2003-2008: Facilitating stakeholder dialogues for change in organisations and society (by Jan Platander). Page 17
  • Getting on the waves of the crisis or Meeting, Co-creation and Change through Playback: A report from the Italian Greek 4-Playback-Group meeting (by Petros Theodorou). Page 21
  • In my elements…. 2012: a long summer full of playback (by Alice Faber). Page 23
  • Acts against Terror: theatres of listening and compassion (by Rea Dennis). Page 24
  • New Publications on Playback Theatre: Transformations de la modernité et pratiques (auto)biographiques (by Danielle Desmarais, Isabelle Fortier, Jacques Rhéaume). Page 25
  • New Publications on Playback Theatre: Refugee Performance, Practical Encounters (Edited by Michael Balfour). Page 26
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