January 2004 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Ichigo-Ichie-Encountering the Root of the Story in Japanese (by Kayo Munakata). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President’s Letter. Page 2
  • Ichigo-Ichie-Encountering the Root of the Story (by Kayo Munakata). Page 4
  • Closing Address: Our Red Thread at the International Playback Theatre Conference, Japan (by Jonathan Fox). Page 5
  • Abschlussrede: Unser roter Faden (Jonathan Fox uber Internationale Playback Theater Konferenz “Hier und Jetzt”). Page 7
  • At the Conference: A Playback AZ Performance (by Jude Murphy). Page 9
  • Poems and Paintings inspired by the Conference (by Hannah Fox, Nan Crawford, Marianna Tobler & Yuka). Page 10
  • Letters from the participants of the Conference (by Kiran Kamal Prasad, Sahadev Poudel & Nurit Shoshan). Page 11
  • Ethics, Aesthetics and Policy in Playback Theater (by María Elena Garavelli). Page 13
  • Gathering in Hong Kong: a mini festival of Playback Theatre (by Jude Murphy). Page 14
  • Expressing Diversity – a Gathering for International Playbackers in Hong Kong (by Janet Tam). Page 15
  • Men Redefining Men: Playback inside prison walls (by Rich Menges). Page 18
  • Reflections on the 8th International Playback Theater conference in Japan (by Edward Dantis). Page 20
  • Bev Hosking and Jenny Hutt accepted into International Fellowship Program in the United States for Playback Theatre Project. Page 21
  • A Playback Radio Performance in Bangalore (by Rajni). Page 22
  • Jamming in the City (members of three of the New York City Playback companies got together to play and meet at two jam sessions). Page 23
  • New Board Members of the International Playback Theatre Board. Page 24
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