January 2003 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • The Politics of Playback Theatre (by Jutta Heppekausen). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President’s Letter. Page 2
  • Begegnungen durch GefĂĽhle im öffentlichen Raum – ein Politikum? (by Jutta Heppekausen). Page 4
  • The Politics of Playback Theatre in Japanese (by Jutta Heppekausen). Page 7
  • Cultural Diversity, Politics and Playback (by Peni Moore). Page 8
  • Clearing a Space: Playback and social change (by Fe Day). Page 10
  • Reflections on the Stories not yet told: Playback in the “Immigration Society” (by Annita Kalpaka). Page 12
  • Nachdenken ĂĽber noch nicht erzählte Geschichten: Playback in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft (by Annita Kalpaka). Page 14
  • Diversity and Difference: Playback in Chennai, India (an interview with Cyril Alexander from Sterling Playback Theatre by Nick Rowe). Page 18
  • Playback Theatre in the Inner City: Dealing with conflict in groups of upper school students (By Tig Land). Page 19
  • Playback Theatre and Peer Counseling Training (by Tanya Marseleva). Page 20
  • Playback and Social Change (by Timothy Ossa McLeod and Lydia Leimbach). Page 21
  • International Playback Workshop in Cologne: a Week of Playback with International Participation. Page 23
  • International Playback Workshop in Cologne: eine Woche Playback mit Internationalen Teilnehmern. Page 24
  • The unleashing of Creativity: using Playback to Explore our Self-imposed Restrictions (by Rachel Earnshaw). Page 25
  • German-speaking Playbackers in Kassel: a personal view point (by Janet Salas). Page 25
  • Das Deutschsprachiger Playbacktreffen in Kassel: ein persönlicher Sichtpunkt. Page 25
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