IPTN’s World Conference in Montreal 2015

Date :2015 / 7 / 8 – 12
Location :Montreal

The Conference is from July 8 – 12, and is specially designed to mark the 40th Anniversary of Playback Theatre.

The Conference theme, “Where We’ve Come from and Where We’re Going: 40 Years of Playback Theatre”, and the Conference activities and events will give us rich opportunities to reflect on our work to date, and to dialogue on how we want to move forward with the power of Playback Theatre.

For example, with workshops like “Playback in Prisons” and “South American Rhythms: A Musical Training for Actors and Musicians,” performances by Hudson River Playback from the USA and Dionisus Teatro from Brazil, and Home Group Leaders such as Will Chalmus and Nadia Gomez Espinoza, the Conference lineup promises to be a thrilling immersion into Playback’s past and present, and a powerful invitation to engage in a collective conversation about our future.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how Playback is used in many different countries and contexts, and to share stories, skills, and ideas with Playback practitioners from around the world!

If you have already applied to us for financial assistance (a scholarship), or intend to, please be aware that we have received many requests, and since our funds are very limited, you will need to fundraise much of your own costs to be able to attend.

We look forward to welcoming you to Montreal in the summer of 2015!