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From the Editors

By Radhika Jain and Steve Nash


Dancing with Disabilities- My 3 OMG! Moments in StoryBox
By Kiki Ng

The Project- Playback Theatre with Young Refugees
By Emily Conolan

Doing white differently? Playback Theatre and Whiteness in Post-apartheid South Africa
By Kathy Barlosky

Stepping Out of The Shadows
By Arnet Donkin

Practitioner Updates and Resources

Storytelling On Screen, An Online Playback Theatre Archive and Guidebook
By Jordan Rosin and Heidi Winters Vogel, with Sammy Lebron

Creating Virtual Regional Gatherings – A Toolkit
By Nir Raz

Code of Ethics for Playback Theatre Trainers and Practitioners

Is The Code of Ethics Ethical?
By Elsa Maurício Childs

Conferences, Performances and Events

The Adventures of Bengaluru
By Rajesh P.I

Open Space: An Oasis for Playbackers to Refuel
By Anisha Pucadyil

IV Encuentro Ibérico de Teatro Playback (IV Iberian Playback Theatre Meeting)
By Ana Maria Fernandez Espinosa

Let The Dream Be Your Wings: Playback Theater Performance At Hansa 48
By Ulrike Krogmann & Idun Hübner

Book Reviews

Personal Stories in Public Spaces by Jonathan Fox & Jo Salas
Reviewed by Akanchha Karki & David Powley

Playback Theatre Around the World, Diversity of Application

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