IPTN Journal Call for Submission

NEXT EDITION (Vol 2, no.2)
17th JUNE, 2016

Yes, it is time to remind you about the impending submission date for the next edition of the IPTN Journal! 
Please contact me even if you might be a little interested in writing something
…it might just be a hairline crack of an idea…
…or you may be engaged in a project that you had not considered writing up…
…you might be surprised…
…whizz an email off to me and before you know it pearls of wisdom could be spewing forth amongst your grateful peers…

Submissions are particularly encouraged from non-English speaking authors.

For submission guidelines and expressions of interest:

In addition please also contact me if you might be interested in editing an edition of the journal or part-editing.  We are hoping to create regional-focussed editions in the future and are on the lookout for regionally-based editorial team members.

go well…and write on the way!


*Cover Photo by Elizabeth Ferrante