From the Editors

By Radhika Jain and Steve Nash


When the Streets are the Mirror of Playback
By Farah Wardani

Anti-oppressive Playback Theatre
By Mireya P. Ruiz Esparza

Playback Psi (Ψ) Greece – Documenting Stories of Expatriation through Playback Theatre
By Vera Lardi

“Breaking Silence Together”: Outcomes of Playback Theatre Therapy and Participation in the Play “He who made me a woman”
on the Lives of Single Mothers who Participated in the Process
By Inbar Serfaty Netz

The Mirror Monster: Psychological Safety and Aesthetic Distance in a Corporate Setting using Playback Theatre
By Stephen Meagher & Johanna De Ruyter

The Mythological Path of the Playbacker
By Roman Kandibur & Marat Mairovich

Exploring Light for Playback Theatre
By R.B. Mickie Marie

Practitioner Updates and Resources

New Agreement Between the Centre for Playback Theatre and Affiliated Schools
By Deb Scott

Conferences, Performances and Events

New Scots Creative Arts Residency: Beautiful People with Beautiful Stories taking Beautiful Risks
By Karen McClain Kiefer

International Event Playback Theatre Camp 10th Anniversary Event
By Raz Balian, Joke Rood & Steve Nash

Book Reviews

An Introduction to Psychotherapeutic Playback Theater: Hall of Mirrors on Stage. By Ronen Kowalsky, Nir Raz, Shoshi Keisari
Reviewed by Diane Adderley

Playback Theatre Around The Globe – Pocket Stories to Learn from. By Anastasia (Nastya) Vorobyeva
Reviewed by Cornelia (Conny) Hartmann

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