For the second time, The International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) is seeking new board members with a public call-out. We are seeking one or two playbackers to serve as board members for a four year term with an optional second term of four additional years. At the moment European countries are well represented on the IPTN-Board, so we would prefer to include new board members from other areas.. We are especially looking for someone to be in contact with our local representatives and to help them with the membership services, applications from membership-secretaries or local representatives.

The IPTN is a worldwide network supporting all people interested in Playback Theatre. The IPTN board is responsible for membership services, website, Interplay, choosing an organizer for international conference etc. Board has offices including president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, membership coordinator, conference liaison, Interplay liaison. We also have temporary committees for projects or other special purposes.

A board member needs to be an IPTN practitioner member and contact and communicate with IPTN community in their own area and nearby regions, promote IPTN, support playbackers and companies in the area. The board meets face-to-face every two years and online six times a year. Board membership is a volunteer position. We ask for any new board member to attend our face to face meeting from October 17 to 19 in Bangalore, India. In general, board members are able to cover their costs themselves, however we might be able to organize financial support if needed.

If you want to ask more about the board, please contact president Juergen Schoo,, vice president Bev Hosking, or board member Jari Aho

If you are interested, please read the IPTN website // and send an email to by June 14. Please forward an expression of interest telling us about yourself and answering following questions (max two pages):

  • How Playback Theatre belongs to your life
  • What kind of connections you have to the Playback Theatre community in your country or region or internationally
  • How your English and IT communication skills are
  • What kind of other valuable competences or experiences you have
  • How you see IPTN and its role
  • What your goals in the IPTN board would be
  • Your capacity to travel to IPTN board meetings including the face to face meeting in Bangalore, India, October 17 to 19 and the IPTN conference 2015 in Montreal.

Please attach one or two recommendation letters to your mail. The board will make decisions based on your expression of interest and letter(s) of recommendation. We will respond by the middle of July 2013. The board maintains the right to nominate new board members by personal call (experience, special competence, region representativeness)

On behalf of IPTN-Board,

Juergen Schoo, President