International Playback Professional Camp 2015 in Serbia

Date :2015 / 8 / 17 – 23
Location :Serbia

‘Open Dialogue of Differences’

Once upon a time one man reached the oasis that sage was sitting by. The man asked: «I have never been to this place before. What kind of people live in this town?»

The old man answered him with the following question: «What kind of people were in the city you came from?»- «There were selfish and evil once. There is a reason I happily left that city.» – «Here you are going to meet exactly the same pеople» – the old man answered.

А bit later, another man came upon an oasis and asked the same: «I have just arrived to the town. Tell me, old man, what kind of people live here?». The old man answered him with the same following question: «Tell me, son, what kind of people were in the city you came from?». «There were kind, hospitable and noble souls there. I left lots of friends there. So it was hard to leave them». «Here you are going to meet exactly the same pеople» – the old man answered.

The World around us is coloured by those paints that are inside of us. We feel the connections with those who are inside of us!

This country may give us a new felling of belonging to somethings or somebody that important to us. Together we are going to create a space where acceptance and art will give us opportunity to feel ourselves and have a link with each other! Let new friends, new experience and creative discoveries of the wisdom of life become the gifts of these camp and journey!

With opened heart, love, joy and hospitality, Organizing committee 2015

  • We will try to build the most interesting intensity of practice! From day one, you will plunge into the atmosphere of creativity and energy together with 30 participants;
  • Amazing workshops by trainers from around the world will rise your qualification and understanding our main mission;
  • Colleagues from around the world, various theaters and groups: this is a unique opportunity to take a closer look, and join together to achieve our common goals!
  • Performance for Serbian community «For change»

Accomodation and Food

  • Accommodation:

    • Accomodation standard double/triple room with breakfast: 24 Eur per person per night including local tax and breakfast
    • Accomodation standard double room-single use with breakfast: 35 Eur per night including local tax and breakfast
    • Check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time until 11:00 am
    • Breakfast buffet is served from 07:00-10:00 in the Hotel Restaurant
  • Lunch/Dinner

    • Food: You can pre-order Lunch/Dinner 7,52 Eur per meal

Flight and transfer

  • Flight: Participants are responsible for organizing their own flights. The nearest airport – Belgrad, Serbia. (participants usually are coming day before 16 August)
  • Transfer: We can arrange transfer to the hotel if you tell us your flight number and arrival times (1,5-2 hours by car or bus)

The Registration Fee

  • Earlier bird registration

    • Up to April 1, .2015 – 390 €
    • Next – 450 €
  • Total price

    • (accommodation, 3 meals per day and registration fee) from 700 € depend on dates of payment of organizational fee

Location of Intensive

Hotel Danubia Park
12220 Veliko Gradishte, Srebrno Jezero (Silver Lake) Serbia


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