Farewell Note from Simon Floodgate

With huge reluctance I have to announce that I am stepping down from the role of IPTN Journal editor.  I would dearly have wished to continue but work and life commitments have become such that I have had to prioritise and therefore relinquish the role.  It feels all too brief, having worked on only two editions, but I hope that some of my insights, from within the role, will facilitate the IPTN as they move forward with the Journal in whichever form it will take.  I have relished serving the Playback global community as editor of the Journal and, in particular, I would like to thank all of the writers and contributors with whom I worked on these two editions.  Treasuring their stories was a privilege. 
It is as important as ever for Playbackers to write about their projects, experiences, doubts and questions in order to network with each other and to meet the world with all of its rich mix of languages and cultures.  Good luck to the Journal moving forward and…keep writing!

Simon Floodgate