European Playback Theatre Gathering 2014

The European Playback Theatre Gathering  took place in Amsterdam last year with 297 people from 31 countries! The theme was: playback and active citizenship. In the home groups we focused on PBT for social change. In the workshops everything (related to PBT) was possible to learn and/or experience. Performances from Israel, Russia, Sweden, Finland and 2 from Holland took place and it was wonderful! To get an impression of the opening night, the participants (and their websites!) take a look at

The next EPTG will take place in Hungary in 2017!

These meetings provide an unique oportunity to meet with Playbackers literally from all over the world. A chance to make new friends, to  learn about applications of PT in new ways and other cultures, to take workshops which offer fresh inputs and exciting ways of using PT, to exchange ideas and return nourished and inspired.

Joke Rood, Organisator of  EPTG 2015, Wordt Vervolgd, Holland, international PT Trainer.
Karin Gisler, Playback-Theater Zürich, Switzerland, international PT Trainer, (teaching a workshop on Playback Acting techniques on the International Playback Conference in Montreal July 2015)


  • Michele CHUNG : Wish I were there! Why don’t you guys come to the Asian Pacific Playback Theatre Conference this year?
  • 7 Jul 2015
  • Jürgen Schoo : Would love to come, Michele. But had to decide which conference and and choosed Montreal this time 🙂
  • 7 Jul 2015

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