December 2013 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Living with Trauma, Living with Playback: Applications of Lessons Learned (by Shirley Legum). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President’s Letter (by Juergen Schoo). Page 3
  • Manifesting a Dream: the story that motivated me  (by Patrick Seyler). Page 5
  • Enacting Traumatic Experience (by Pamela Freeman). Page 6
  • Playback Theatre and Cultural Genocide (by S. Cyril Alexander). Page 12
  • Playback Theatre, Cultural Resistance and the Limits of Trauma Disclosure (by Ben Rivers). Page 15
  • Before You See a Hill Here; Now You See the Ocean: How Playback Theatre serves communities in crisis (by Kayo Munakata). Page 19
  • NOLA Playback Theatre & UnPerforming Disaster in New Orleans (by Anne-Liese Juge Fox). Page 22
  • No Healing without Justice: Playback Theatre with War Victims in Afghanistan (by Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn). Page 24
  • Playback Theatre and Trauma: an Evolving Approach (by Paul Mc Isaac). Page 27
  • The Therapy Question: Understanding the Relationship between Playback Theatre and Therapy (by Jonathan Fox). Page 29
  • An act against terror- Performance, healing and social action (by Rea Dennis). Page 31
  • Book review: Ritual Theatre- The Power of Dramatic Ritual in Personal Development Groups and Clinical Practice by Claire Schrader (Reviewed by Rea Dennis). Page 32
  • Book review:  Trumpets in the Mountains – Theater and the Politics of National Culture in Cuba by Laurie Frederick (Reviewed by Rea Dennis). Page 32
  • Musician’s Muse (an excerpt from Paul L. Gaurea’s essay “Musician as Playback Actor”). Page 33
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