December 2009 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • When Things Go Wrong: The Importance of insufficiency (by Fe Day). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President´s Letter. Page 2
  • A Teller with a ‘Different Agenda’; false stories by tellers (by Aviva Apel). Page 3
  • Cuando las cosas salen mal La importancia de la insuficiencia (by Fe Day). Page 6
  • Quando as coisas dão errado a importância da insuficiência (by Fe Day). Page 8
  • When Playback Theatre Meets Service (by Jester Lee). Page 12
  • 當一人一故事劇場遇見服務 李志強 (by Jester Lee). Page 13
  • Asking the Audience: How to Evaluate the Efficacy of the Playback Theatre Method (by Rea Dennis). Page 14
  • ¡Los nuevos pasos de Teatro Cuerpo Adentro! (by Milagros & Susana, Teatro Cuerpo Adentro). Page 17
  • The new steps of Teatro Cuerpo Adentro! (by Milagros & Susana, Teatro Cuerpo Adentro). Page 18
  • Redfern Stories; Sydney Playback Theatre’s workshops with Redfern Community centre (by Joanna Winchester, Michael Pooley and Rebecca Rogers). Page 19
  • European Gathering: Crimea (by Darya). Page 21
  • Playback by the Black Sea—A report from the European gathering in Crimea (by Darya). Page 22 
  •   Bring There… IPTN President reports from Gatherings in Europe & Asia  (by Aviva Apel). Page 24
  • Asian Gathering: Taiwan. Page 25
  • Report Post-APG Sharing (by Alice). Page 26
  • Report from New Company: Teatro del Alma en Tenerife (by Gabriella Oakley). Page 29
  • Playback with The Bible: Making the Bible Alive for Everyone (Meglepetés Színház). Page 31
  • Lietuva – Playback Teatras. Page 32
  • Book Review: The Improvisation Game by Chris Johnston (Reviewed by Rea Dennis) Page 36
  • IPTN Board News. Page 37
  • Jo Salas Tribute (by Zerka Moreno & Heather Robb). Page 39
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