December 2005 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Playback Theater at a Time of Crisis: the Strength to Exist Resides in the Strength to Express (by Nurit Shoshan). Page 1
  • From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President’s Letter. Page 2
  • Ethical Dimensions of Playback Theatre (by Linda M. Park-Fuller). Page 3
  • Playback in a Prison – being Sensitive to Place (by Di Adderley). Page 5
  • Risk & Expression: An Ethic of Performance (by Rea Dennis). Page 5
  • Towards and Ethics of Playback Theatre (by Nick Rowe). Page 7
  • Ethics is a Matter of the Heart (by Annette Henne). Page 9
  • A Tale of Two Companies: the Coexistence of two Playback Theatre Companies in Neighboring Towns (by Judy Swallow, Jo Salas and Sarah Urech). Page 10
  • A Path to Integrity (by Jonathan Fox). Page 12
  • Ein Weg zu Integrität (von Jonathan Fox). Page 13
  • Sydney Playback Celebrates 25 years: from Early Days to Greater Community. Page 18
  • Asian Playback Gathering in August 2005: workshops, impressions and reconciliation. Page 20
  • A Playback Theatre performance for the Blind (by Umesh PN). Page 26
  • Playback and Hurricane Katrina (a letter from Jonathan Fox). Page 28
  • Welcome to a new member of the IPTN Board – Charles Schnarr. Page 28
  • Some Notes from a meeting to share questions and stories about how we might do Playback Theatre in Contexts of Trauma in the UK following the July 7th bombings (by Veronica Needa and Erene KApatani). Page 29
  • “C’hoari e penn an Europa” / “Play at the Head of Europe” (about The first Playback Theatre European Gathering in France in August 2005). Page 30
  • Healing the community, Valuable Stories and Therapeutic Outcome (by Samson Wong). Page 33
  • Healing Illness and The Alchemy of Playback Theatre. Part One (by Robert Birch). Page 34
  • Reflections on Global Playback for Kindness (by Raphael Peter). Page 36
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