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In December we will gather in-person to CONNECT, ENGAGE, and EXPAND our awareness and experience of ‘Roots and Routes of Playback Theatre’ at our next Global Conference, hosted by the South African Steering Committee.

Accomodation Fundraiser

In less than two months, ‘Roots and Routes of Playback Theatre’ aims to gather together a global representation of practitioners for the 2023 International Playback Theatre Conference. The Steering Committee is leading an Accomodation Fundraiser for Global South Playbackers that have not yet been able to secure the funds to stay at Glenburn Lodge. 

For  €180 per delegate or €720 for a four-person tent, your donation can support four nights accommodation with meals for a Global South Playbacker who does not have the funds to stay at our Conference site. Any and all donations are welcome.

You can also help support our Campaign by spreading the word and sharing news of this initiative. 

The African philosophy of Ubuntu promotes dignity, access, inclusivity and support within, and for, the full community. 

Pledge your support and secure accommodation for a delegate or troupe via PayPal:


Bushwillow Tented Camp can be found on the Conference Landing Page in the ‘Accomodation’ section.


The one-stop-page for essential information including the conference schedule, Frequently Asked Questions, and accommodation links for booking purposes:



Conference applicants have been selected to reflect equal access, equity and representation of our International Playback Community-  the South African Steering Committee and representatives from the IPTN Conference Committee worked hard to ensure all parts of the world are fairly represented.

As we get closer to the conference, we are offering another series of webinars to address your questions. 

Register through the following links

Monday 16th of October – 9AM SAST

Monday 23rd of October – 9AM SAST

Monday 23rd of October – 6PM SAST

In the meantime, help us spread the word within your Playback communities and regions for our next International Gathering!