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We want to thank all applicants of the ‘Roots and Routes of Playback Theatre’ IPTN- South Africa Conference 2023. We received over 100 applications from around the world. There were many excellent applications and limited spots available on the programme. We were spoilt for choice, and we wish we could have accepted many more applications!

The Review Committee 

An outstanding Review Committee was assembled from across the globe. Reviewing was a rigorous process and could not have been made possible without a team effort. We salute you: Soline Daccache (Lebanon), Michele Chung (Hong Kong\US), Elsa Childs (Portugal), Reem AbuKishk( Palestine/Jordan), Samson Setumo (Botswana), Melissa Nussbaum (US\Mexico), Bonface Beti Beti (Kenya), Will Chalmus (US), Refiloe Lepere (South Africa), Sabrina Francis (India), Delfina Kanchana Sundar (India), Mammatli Thakhuli-Nzuza (South Africa), Anastasia Vorobyeva (Russia), Pamela Freeman (US), Loreto Campusano Saravia (Chile), Ben Rivers (Australia).

A huge thank you to Levinia Jones, a specialist arts project manager who came on board to support the South African organising committee in setting up the architecture of the review process. This was critical as it created a foundation for reviewing that considered not only the quality of the applications but equity, inclusion and diversity aspects that play a central vision in ‘Roots and Routes of Playback Theatre’- 2023.

The Process

When the applications came in, two reviewers who did not have contact with one another were appointed to review applications under one of the programme categories: Homegroups, Workshops, Performances or Panel Presentations. The two reviewers then met with Kathy Barolsky (programme head) to share their review process of the applicants they assessed. Each pair of reviewers had to agree on a list for the final curation process.

The curation process gathered the South African organising team (Kathy Barolsky, Cherae Halley, Mammatli Thakuli-Nzuza and Tarryn Lee) and a review representative from each programme category. Discussed at this meeting were the applicants who came through to the final round. 

Conference attendance registration is soon to follow… Watch this space!

 Warmly and with great excitement,

The South African organising team (Kathy Barolsky, Cherae Halley, Mammatli Thakuli-Nzuza and Tarryn Lee)

If you want to get in touch with the conference committee, email