Christian Faber


Christian Faber

Secretary/ Website Development

Country: BelgiumEmail:

I am of German origin and since 1994 I live and work in the international environment of Brussels, Belgium. When I first joined the German-speaking Playback Theatre company “ViceVersa” in 2009, I thought that playing theatre was a wonderful opportunity of using my mother tongue, but soon I discovered that Playback can be so much more. It creates opportunities for inspiration, learning, personal development and it gave me another perspective on values like listening or respect.

In the meantime I have followed lots of courses, workshops and gatherings at national and international level. The latest conference I joined was the International Playback Theatre Conference in Montreal, which was a wonderful example of how diversity can enrich and bring forward Playback Theatre.

As part of the IPTN board I want to help creating opportunities for the development of the Playback Theatre and create a forum where people interested in PB Theatre can connect. This also includes strengthening the existing bonds within the PB community, supporting the future development of Playback Theatre, and spreading Playback Theatre where it is hardly or not known. I would like to help building bridges and eventually exploring new technologies, methods of communication to achieve the above.