Board Meeting in Bangalore

During our board meeting in Bangalore we spent an intense 4 days together discussing our work for the international Playback Theatre community. Meeting face to face helped us re-energise and find new direction. Together we reviewed the International Playback Theatre Network’s vision. We identified in what ways the IPTN offers something unique and what is most needed by the changing global Playback community that we are able to provide. We used this material to build a new vision. Here it is:

The IPTN provides an independent, inclusive global platform that strengthens Playback Theatre practice through connection and mutual influence.

After this, we reviewed the roles and tasks within the IPTN Board and clarified what the IPTN most needs as we move in the future. Next to President, Secretary and Treasurer, we kept hold of Interplay Liaison (now renamed IPTN Journal Liaison) and created the following new roles: Public Relations, Website/Marketing and Business Development/Membership Services.