Asian Pacific Playback Theatre Conference 2015

At the Asia Pacific Playback Theatre Conference in Hong Kong 
25 November to 1 December 2015

Warm memories and images…

Inspiring developments in Playback Theatre by our colleagues in Asia.

The recent Asia Pacific Playback Theatre Conference was hosted by the Boys & Girls Clubs Association in Hong Kong (a major social and youth work NGO) from 25 Nov to 1 Dec, 2015 in Hong Kong. 

Eddie Yu, with his Encounter Playback Theatre group, led the team which created APPTC 2015 with the support of the Boys & Girls Clubs Association in Hong Kong. (BGCA)

Playbackers from Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, UK & USA, joined the Hong Kong playback theatre community for two-days of pre- & post-conference trainings, plus the intense three day weekend of the conference itself. 

Agnes Law and Veronica Needa were special guests, delivering pre- and post-conference trainings and the keynote at the opening.

Social and youth workers, in particular, are embracing Playback Theatre in Hong Kong more and more.

One afternoon was devoted to bringing participants into different places in Hong Kong to be welcomed by a variety of playbackers in the community, performing for them or workshopping with them. These included social clubs for the elderly, visits to people with autism, with physical and intellectual differences, with youth-at-risk, gifted students, in schools and family centres…. 

Some history…

Veronica introduced Playback Theatre to Hong Kong, her original home, in 1996, with first performances at the HK Arts Centre in July 1997. She continues teaching and training in Asia (just recently back from Shanghai and Beijing). 

Agnes introduced Playback Theatre to Singapore (her first Playback teachers were New Zealand’s Bev Hosking and Christian Penny) and hosted the first Asian PT Gathering in 2005 there. She came to live in London shortly afterwards. 

When Veronica and Wing Hong Li created London’s True Heart Theatre in 2006, Agnes was one of the first members. 

Eddie Yu was a member of True Heart when he was studying in London, returning to HK to create Encounter PT.  His work with the BGCA – a major NGO working with young people and families – is modelling ways of integrating Playback Theatre into the social service sector of Hong Kong.

True Heart has been a London home for many folks from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and mainland China who were studying or working here in the UK for periods of time. It was lovely to meet many of them again in Hong Kong at the APPTC 2015!

Looking forward…

True Heart Theatre continues to practice and perform in London. 

We welcome people to come and play with us, especially those of you with a connection to East Asia, or can speak some Cantonese or Mandarin.

We welcome your invitations for us to perform for you at any special occasion or event.

We welcome your interest in us working with your community on any special topic or theme.