April 2016 – IPTN Journal

Table of Contents

  • From the Editor. Page 1
  •  “…and I felt as if I’m home you understand, with my people.” Women’s narratives of attending Playback Theatre for refugees and asylum seekers (by Kate Glover, Annie Mitchell, Jacqui Stedmon, Alison Fairlove & Amanda Brown). Page 4
  • Relato do 1º Encontro Brasileiro de Teatro Playback (by Clarice Steil Siewert). Page 23 
  • Conflict at conferences (by Jonathan Fox). Page 27 
  • Who Can Listen to My Story? Playback Theatre on wartime experiences in Nepal (by Anne Dirnstofer). Page 30
  • “Best Friends? Not Quite”. Playback Theatre in elementary school (by Børge Kristoffersen and Audun Mollan Kristoffersen). Page 42
  • Asia Pacific Playback Theatre Conference in Hong Kong. Page 54
  • The Three Dimensional Model for Scenes in Playback Theater (by Assael Romanelli). Page 58
  • The Story of Building a Playback Network (by Christopher Ellinger, Anne Ellinger, Amber Espar, and Tonia Pinheiro). Page 67
  • Book Review: ‘Nossas Historias Em Cena’ by C.S. Siewert (Reviewed by José Marques). Page 71
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