December 2010 – Interplay

Table of Contents

  • Is Playback Theatre Female? (by Jo Salas). Page 1
  •  From the Editor. Page 2
  • IPTN President´s Letter. Page 2
  • Is Playback Theatre Female? (in Chinese language). Page 6
  • Is Playback Theatre Female? (in Spanish language).  Page 8
  • Is Playback Theatre Female? (in Portuguese language). Page 10
  • Is Playback Theatre Female? (in Japanese language). Page 12
  • Is Playback Theatre Female? (in German language). Page 14
  • Nurturing our Future Generation: Playback Theater, Raising Children and Building a Nurturing Environment (by Kayo Munakata). Page 20
  • Looking at the World Through Women’s Eyes: Reflections on the 1995 Beijing International Playback Theatre Women’s Team (by Sarah Urech, Karin Gisler, Veronica Needa, Bev Hosking, Deborah Pearson, Robyn Weir). Page 23
  • The Story of Tarte Noire Women’s Playback Theatre Company (by Tarte Noir). Page 27
  • Women Down Under: Reflections with Deborah Pearson, Mary Good and Robyn Bett (by Tarquam McKenna). Page 28
  • What’s Been Happening? (Letter from Brian Tasker, Sri-Lanka). Page 31
  • Book Review. Page 34
  • IPTN Board News: Jo Salas Tribute. Page 36
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