About Us

Formed in 1990, the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) is a global association of Playback Theatre practitioners, students, and fans engaged in collective learning about our shared art form.

Our mission

The IPTN mission is to support the development of Playback Theatre worldwide by facilitating connection and learning among people interested in this unique theatre form.

Why build and maintain an international network?

  • Because we believe Playback Theatre can be a powerful force for good in the world.
  • Because practitioners need ways to learn not only from trainers, but also from each other.
  • Because the network enables us to build relationships across countries, acting as a global force for peace through our common commitment to Playback Theatre.

We practice:

  • Respect for diversity–which requires a commitment to unlearning oppression of all types.
  • Awareness of our strengths and shortcomings– which requires a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Cooperation between practitioners, troupes, and regions–which requires practicing skills of active listening and constructive conflict engagement.

How we work

IPTN is a membership network of Playback practitioners and performing groups, students and teachers, and other fans and supporters of Playback Theatre. Membership fees are structured to be affordable by all.

Our work is carried out by teams of volunteers: board members, regional representatives, and committee members. Some committees welcome new participants. Please consider joining! Current committees are:

  • Journal
  • Programs
  • Website/IT
  • Social media and publicity
  • Conference